Khao Yai Trip with IM*

Finally, we were there. Nine of IM’s with one girl, Tee’s friend (she was not in this pic though).

This was a trip for relaxing our mind. We neither went out of the farm, nor to Khao Yai at night to look for some wild animals (like others would do).

What we did was just staying in the log house, watching TV, singing songs, chit-chatting and LAUGHING.


We meant to go there for a hydro-therapy pool, but it seemed the pool was empty and the resort did not have enough labour to take care of it. Poor us, we just missed it. The middle photo shows how empty the pool was.

And some more photos around the log house… Three girls with the bamboo!!

Then, P’New started our very first activity of face scrubbing and masking. I was the first in the queue for this activity run by P’New, IM’s Bobbie Brown Make-up Artist (she’s got tons of Bobbie Brown cosmetic stuffs!!).

When others saw this, surprisingly, even the two males wanted to join. LOL.. We even came up with an idea of having this section in Rm. 1004 at CMMU.. Heheee..

Eating time………….. Bar-B-Q!!

And it was time to go home………..

Visited a few places on the way home..

Here is how we sat in the KIA Carnival, which should have fitted only 8 people–3 in the last two rows and two in the front seats. We could fit all 10 in there!

See you next trip……….. :)


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