Do you believe in destiny?

If asked, I cannot deny that I do not believe in destiny at all.

Destiny and fate determine half of my life; while the other half is destined by myself.

I reckon so. Some can be hardly avoided, while some of those situations cannot be done so and I have to accept them.

The main point for today is that we should not just believe in destiny, follow it, and do nothing with it.

Whatever says good cannot be good without your being good.
Whatever says going to happen will not happen if you act nothing and stay still.

On the contrary, if your destiny says you will get bad luck all year long, you can try to be more careful. Though this may not put off all unfortunes, the bads will be lessened somehow.

Just be good and do best. That is your destiny is from!

Believe in yourself?


One thought on “Destiny*

  1. ใครล่ะเนี่ย ที่นี้? ไม่มีชื่อ.. ช่วยด้วย…….. บอกหน่อยสิ หรือว่าเราไม่รู้จักกัน? มาหน้านี้ได้ไงเหรอ?

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