Unaffiliated Obsession (2)*

[07:32:52] Mook* says: brother.. busy? have an english question. what does ‘Unaffiliated Obsession’ mean?

[07:33:29] Chris Leydon says: put it in context

[07:33:36] Mook* says: no context

[07:33:38] Chris Leydon says: write a sentence with it

[07:33:45] Mook* says: just a name

[07:33:59] Chris Leydon says: of a band or something

[07:34:05] Mook* says: of a friend

[07:34:24] Mook* says: too difficult to translate when both come together

[07:35:37] Chris Leydon says: unaffiliated – not connected to anything or related to anything

[07:36:45] Chris Leydon says: Obsession – an idea or feeling that completly occupies your mind

[07:36:57] Chris Leydon says: very strange to use both

[07:37:23] Mook* says: hmmm…

[07:37:36] Chris Leydon says: they are almost opposite words

[07:38:02] Chris Leydon says: You would never see them together as it just does not make sense

[07:38:18] Mook* says: :D

[07:38:34] Mook* says: do Unaffiliated Love and Unaffiliated Lust make more sense?

[07:39:00] Chris Leydon says: to a point… but still strange

[07:50:03] Mook* says: UnaffiliatING Obsession makes more sense?
A feeling of not being occupied by relationship, or connection… Some of my friends said it might mean… An obsession with no affiliation :D

[07:50:12] Mook* says: anyways.. thank you brother :)

ไอ้มุกยังไม่เลิกบ้า ๕๕ ยังข้องใจ ฝรั่งยังว่าแปลก ออสซี่ด้วยนะ ประเทศเพื่อนบ้านกัน ยังไม่คิดว่าควรใช้สองคำนี้ร่วมกัน เพราะเป็นคำที่ค่อนข้างตรงข้ามกัน

หรือว่า ฝรั่งเขาไม่มีอารมณ์แบบนี้กัน หลงใหลแต่ไม่ยึดติด


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