I am in last few days before I will completely finish my 2nd trimester. Before that day, this trimester I was assigned to do a few reports (one report for one course).

  • Project report on Enterprise Resource Management
  • Project report on Marketing
  • Project report on Thai Economics

Only the last one left and the deadline is this coming Tuesday (17th).

BUT.. BUT.. BUT.. I have not started yet. Well, actually, I started reading some articles about fiscal policy (my part), but still have no idea where I should start writing about it. I have to correlate Thailand’s fiscal policy with telecommunication business that our group chose to focus on.

Been enjoying enough with this new blog and WP. I will spend the rest few days on my fiscal report, and will surely cruise around again after that.

P.S. By chance, I found WP from imeem when I stopped by there to listen to some music a few days ago. And after I had taken a tour through WP, I found it interesting. So you know what? I signed up, chose my favourite theme with image header, imported all posts from my Blogger to WordPress, and started my official first post from WP!


One thought on “Laziness*

  1. thanx for letting me know you’re here and for visit me at blogger. maybe i should start another blog here as well. lemme check out this one first. btw, keep up the spirit and finish your last project. good luck.

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