You cannot tell someone JUST to be brave.
Guide them HOW to be brave.

— EscRiBiTioNiSt*

Inspired by:
A situation at a swimming pool where a mother told her little son (who was in the pool) to swim, while she was sitting next to the pool.

แม่: “ว่ายสิลูก ว่าย อย่ากลัว”
ฉัน (ซึ่งว่ายอยู่ในสระ) คิดในใจ: “(เดี๋ยวลูกก็ยกมือไหว้น้ำให้ดูหรอก ไม่ลงไปสอนเองเล่า)”


4 thoughts on “Brave*

  1. maybe it need to start from believe first … then how

    ‘coz even you know how … but you don’t believe it … you still cannot do it.

    you must believe in yourself, right ?

  2. How , for me is just the way, to believe is something else.

    It is like you know the way to get home but it is too dark or too dangerous for you to get there alone … without fear.

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