Sherpa Language*

I’ve been a little obsessed with the Sherpa language a bit this week. Learnt a bit of Sherpa and Nepali languages when I went to Nepal last month (I have not written about it, but it was the most memorable trip ever!). Came back and realised that I’d learnt the mix of both languages. I learnt, for example, counting numbers in Nepali, and learnt some words, such as gagapala (grandfather), gagamama (grandmother), uru (aunt), aji (older sister), aju (older brother), anga (younger sister/ brother), etc., in Sherpa.

Been searching for some more information about the Sherpa language and it seems the language doesn’t have any formal written scripts of their own. They either use Nepali or Tibetan scripts. The ways some people transform the Sherpa pronunciations into English are various.

I would like to keep the limited resources I have found via Google here for reference.

The last one excited me the most as it seems solid, but as there’re over 360 pages, I’ll have to skim through first.


Edited: 24th January 2013

Found a couple of more resources when I googled with the phrase ‘Sherpa linguist’ yesterday.

Edited: 25th January 2013

Found one more resource.


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