Nepal Day Three: Phakding to Namche*

Day 3: Phakding to Namche


  • Phakding to Namche was a long and tough way last year, but it seemed easier and shorter this year.
  • New bridge and higher! The trail was sandy.
  • Because of numbers of the guests at Khumbu Lodge, Namche Bazar, we didn’t get to use the cozy small dining room like last year (only used when there’re fewer guests), but a normal big one.
  • Pemba taught counting numbers 1-10 in Sherpa language. Pasang didn’t teach last year saying Nepali counting was more common and he seemed right as his cousin in town (Angela) didn’t seem to know the Sherpa ones.
  • Pema. The Chef! And one boy I didn’t ask the name
  • The dancing group for charity to the village hospital came that night. Pemba kindly knocked the room door to let us know. The group that had came before that (bottom right of the pic) was for fun but they were loudddd LOL! Donated Rs500. People sang (blessing?). Place owner gave kata to them. They also gave kata to those who donated. One recorded the amount received. One carried a plate with the donations on it. Pemba’s house even gave Ferrero Rocher.

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