Nepal Day Four: Relaxing in Namche*

Day 4: Relaxing at the momo place and Yeti Mountain Home in Namche


  • Had our favourite buffalo-filled momo. The chilli paste was super delicious.
  • The momo shop’s little daughter (very cute) was in school. Saw her on the way to the shop.
  • The dancing group was still around. Went down to dance with them a bit Fun. Friendly. Lovely. The long-haired with beard guy from the Irish pub (the one carrying the money tray) said we could go get a free beer. We didn’t. Next time?
  • We didn’t forget to visit Dati at Yeti Mountain Home! Heheee.
  • Met Shiva again this year, but not the other guy we also met last year.
  • Wanted to buy a yak-wool blanket, same as what I bought last year, but there’s no colour I like.

Delicious momo



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