Nepal Day Five: Namche to Thame*


  • Different route (from last year) began here! The walk wasn’t difficult. Took time a bit.
  • Met the 3 Australians we met at the lodge in Phakding along the way.
  • Once arriving Tibet Guest House in Thame, met 3 little girls, 2 of which were the lodge owner’s daughters, Lamu and Lhakpa. The other one was a friend. I forgot the name (again!).
  • We played mak-geb (หมากเก็บ) and they had the same game, called Gatti!
  • There’s a school and one clinic (managed by Khunde Hospital). Gave a big bottle of Paracetamol to the doctor at his house (Lamu took us there) as the clinic was close.
  • The lodge owner here is a sister of the one at momo shop in Namche. And the delicious hands passed on in family. She cooked well too XD Shakpa (Sherpa stew) was great.
  • Lamu is a smart kid and helps her mum.
  • Learned ‘shito, shito’ from Lamu. It means quick, quick, opposite of bistari, bistari (slow, slow).
  • Braided hair for Lamu and Lhakpa in the evening. Checked their hair again in the morning before they went to school.


Phakding – Namche – Thame


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