Nepal Day Six: Thame to Lungde*

Day 6: Thame to Lungde


  • The camera was set to ISO1600, so bright -___-!!
  • Headed to Lundge
  • Can’t exactly remember what I saw on the way, but remembered the picture I saw Nima, a porter, standing without our bags on his back, waiting for us to reach Lundge. Once we saw the porters or one of them, it meant we reached the destination. They always reached there before us.
  • Spotted a guy playing a guitar. His name was Mingma Nuru Sherpa. He was taught for a week and he learned to play by himself for a year. He played without a chord book! He even played an ACDC song and asked if I knew the band. Used to listen to a few songs but wouldn’t be able to recognise.
  • Met one guy with one porter/ guide who walked so fast. Doubly fast compared to us when we asked about their route.

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