Nepal Day Eight: Lungde to Renjo La*

Renjo La


  • Another day with ISO1600! -*- Noticed the setting just when I was at the top of Renjo La pass. HAHAA. Brighter with snow scenes.
  • Tough day to Renjo La without cramp-ons. At least we had trekking poles and sunglasses (must-have’s!).
  • Left Lungde early. Very cold. Windy.
  • Almost full option winter gear day. Vest, light long-sleeved tee, fleece, down.. Oh, but not windproof jacket.
  • Started with going up hills. The tough part began when the ground got covered with snow and ice. Without the cramp-ons, it’s easy to fall.
  • Slow steps. Whole legs sank into snow.
  • Fun along the way though. It’s white everywhere. It’s nice to go up high and look back to see how far we’d made. Mountains to mountains.
  • Thanks to PaSang who carried the camera or I wouldn’t have most pictures here. Concentrated (attention pleaseeee) on walking and not falling over. HAHA.
  • One shakang up high as it’s necessary or I wouldn’t have made it down.
  • Spent approx 6 hours going up.
  • The bro had to go down and carried P’Bee up a bit.
  • The view was awesome!

Day 8: Renjo La


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