Nepal Day Eight: Renjo La to Gokyo*


  • Now, going down! Headed to Gokyo.
  • Steeper. Rocky.
  • The bro PaSang had to carry Sai down from the rocky part. He could even ran while Sai was on his back and some rocks were icy! He said he’s never fallen over! How could I do the same!?!?
  • Although reaching the flat ground, it’s still far from Gokyo. Besides, the ground was snowy. More long walk. We saw the trail on the opposite hill we were heading to. That wasn’t covered with snow.
  • Once we stepped on the earthy trail, we walked fast and non-stop to Gokyo as it was getting dark. Flashlight was useful this time. Nima and Sonya reached the lodge 2 hours before us and came out to see if we arrived! Collected us from the trail!
  • As always, the lodge we stayed was a bit farther away HAHA.. Walked, walked, walked. Made it! Spent about 12 hours total for day eight.
  • Rest day in Gokyo next day! Yay!

Day 8: Renjo La to Gokyo


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