Nepal Day Nine: Gokyo*

Day 9: Gokyo


  • Morning in Gokyo, next to Gokyo Lake (Duhd Pokhari), the 3rd lake was very cold and windy.
  • Sonya and Nima, the porters, always got up early. Most of the time I saw them outside with their signature caps when I got up in the morning.
  • Pasang and the porters had dahl bhat with buffalo curry at a tea house next door. I tried a bit. They ate a lot of riceeeee, like 3-4 ladleful! Pasang was on a diet, so he had one ladle fewer
  • Had a bit of a walk towards Gokyo Ri, but I was at somewhere, Pasang said, 20%. There was more to go. Stopped there to take photos and came back down. Was told to save energy for EBC and Kala Pathar. Later, I regretted not going to the top of Gokyo Ri. I was there already! Next time!

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