Nepal Day Eleven: Phortse*


  • Phortse seems to be a big village. A monastery up high. A clinic. Not sure about school. Maybe not.
  • Asked the lodge owner to help pass along a big bottle of Paracetamol to the clinic as it was close when we went up there. The clinic opens like 9AM to 11AM a few days a week or something.
  • The scenery around was nice.
  • The rock/ stone walls they built were confusing. What I’d experienced from other villages was once a wall was low, I should have been able to cross. At Phortse, no. The curves of the land varied. One time, I even had to take out my camera to climb the wall or I would have been stuck in that section of the land or I would have had to walk back from where I left.
  • The lodge owner had more rooms built, under construction. Got to see how they built things here and it seemed to take a lot of time although they said a couple of months.
  • Artistic how they builder had to look for mostly-fit stones/ rocks, knock unwanted parts and try to fit the rocks to the ground.

Day 11: Phortse


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