Nepal Day Twelve: Phortse to Dingboche*

Day 12: Phortse to Dingboche


  • Headed to Dingboche. Stopped at Pangboche for shakang.
  • The lodge was quite big. Lots of guests that night. About 4 groups.
  • One big group was American team. They didn’t seem to know one another closely. They talked about how they felt, what meds they took, and the long-haired guy briefed them what to do the next day. They even checked the ratio of heart rate and Oxygen level. We were nosey and wanted to try. Looked, looked, looked and asked Pasang to talk to the local. Yay, got to try! I got about 95:85, meaning my heart beated 95 to get the Oxygen level of 85. Lower heart rate with higher Oxygen level would be better as heart wouldn’t beat/ work too much in order to get Oxygen in the system.
  • One guy came alone with a guide.
  • Two pairs (in one group) came together. We met them later on the way down.

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