Nepal Day Fifteen: Gorakshep to Pheriche*

Day 15: Gorakshep to Pheriche


  • Another short walk to Pheriche. Passed a big flat field. Walked on many stone steps.
  • The male lodge owner is a friend of PaSang, but when we reached there, nobody was at the lodge. The owner was at Dingboche. Nima and Sonya walked to Dingboche (Pasang said they took only 20 minutes!) to get the owner to come back to the lodge as we wanted to stay. HA!
  • Pasang then fired the heater, made hot lemon and also milk tea for us as if it was his own lodge. LOL. Delicious milk tea ^^
  • Blackout in the dining room at night, so we ate in the kitchen. Flashlight was useful once again.
  • Tibetan bread at Pheriche lodge was delicious. The fried veg was good too though a bit too salty (food up in the mountains tend to be salty as they eat a lot of rice).
  • The female owner was so talkative (in Sherpa/ Nepali language) that the 3 men were so quiet and seemed to mainly agree with what she said. Right?
  • Think it’s at this lodge when I got up early and meant to go outside in the early morning to take some photos and I couldn’t leave. The dining room door was locked from the other side. The other door that seemed to go outside was also locked from the outside. We were completely locked down. The only way was from the kitchen where the owner slept. She opened all doors soon after.

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