Nepal Day Seventeen: Deboche to Namche*

Day 17: Deboche to Namche


  • Meant to visit Tengboche once we reached Deboche, but we didn’t have much time and were too lazy (better live with hot shower and in nice room).
  • Headed from Deboche back to Namche and passed Tengboche to visit the big monastery in the area.
  • The monastery was big, much bigger than those we’d seen along the way. We arrived just a bit before the monks prayed in the morning, so we sat in for almost an hour. Some monks played music instruments, moved hands and fingers while praying, and drank milk tea. Their gowns were cool! Someone went to make merit.
  • Someone flew in with a helicopter.
  • Walking back was easy. Up a bit. Down and flat most of the time.
  • Reached Namche in 6-7 hours.
  • First thing we did was visiting Dati and then eating Momo with milk tea at the same shop!
  • Told Pemba about Renjo La and he said the route we came from was actually the easy one. The other way round was tougher. Aww.. We would go with cramp-ons next time!
  • Not so crowded in Namche this time. Luckily we came after the marathon group.


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