Nepal Day Nineteen and Twenty: Lukla to Kathmandu*


  • First flight, but the 3rd plane from Lukla to Kathmandu.
  • Sky was clear. Delay was little.
  • Arrived the house. PaSang’s mama made milk tea for us right away. Very nice ^^ Later Pasang made dahl baht with the fresh veg his sister gave and he carried down from Lukla. I also went to see what the cousin sister cooked.
  • Went to Thamel to return the sleeping bags and shopping. Things are a bit more expensive at the supermarket in Thamel compared to the local minimart. For example, I paid Rs365 for the peanut butter in Thamel and the local minimart sells it at Rs345.
  • Back to have momo near home made by another cousin family. The chilli paste here was so good I kept eating the whole bowl although all momo had gone.
  • Dinner at home.


  • Got up early to go buy fresh milk and more veggie. The girls ate lots of veg.
  • Tried Sherpa dress  The one in the pics was too short for me. It belonged to mama.
  • Went to exchange money back in Thamel and chilled at Himalayan Java Cafe, nice coffee shop. A walnut brownie and biscotti cost only Rs105 and Rs25 respectively! That’s about THB38 and THB8. They were nice. The blended mocha I had was nice too. Not too sweet.
  • Had Thai dinner at Yin Yang restaurant with the whole family. Pasang, mama, Pasang’s cousin sister, Angela (the sister’s daughter), the sister’s son, and two more nieces (I forgot their names but remember their faces). Had red wine.
  • The family went home. The teenagers (HAHAA) Sai, Bee, Pasang and I went to the Fire Club beneath the Raggae Club, just not far from Yin Yang Restaurant. They played Hindi songs -___- Don’t understand. Danced anyway. Didn’t drink more. Stayed until 1AM when more adults came in and smoked a lot.

Day 19 and 20: Lukla to Kathmandu


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